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Provide employees with a feeling of confidence knowing that trained and competent water rescue personnel are on-site and ready to respond quickly to urgent events where workers require immediate care.

This service is suited to any industry that performs maintenance or construction involving employees working on or near water, where an immediately available rescue capability is required.

It is often more cost effective for clients to use our service rather than train and equip their own employees.

On or near water work environments can introduce complex hazards that require trained and equipped rescue personnel with appropriate equipment which may include anything from PFD’s and Throw lines, to immersion suits and specialized water rescue boats. 

During our pre-job assessment we are able to determine the necessary combination of people and equipment to assist in successfully achieving project related goals on time.

TRR provides all necessary water rescue equipment. Our customized rescue kits range from basic shore based rescue needs, to specialized water rescue boats, immersion suits, technical rescue gear, and advanced medical equipment such as warming kits, AED, and Oxygen.


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