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We can help you determine your requirements and provide the proper equipment for your confined space entry, fall protection, or rescue needs.

Selecting the right equipment in advance prevents costly budget overruns, reduces down time, and keeps your crew safe and efficient.

Every worksite has unique equipment requirements. TRR represents some of the most recognized rope access and rescue equipment manufacturers in the industry, including Petzl, PMI, CMC, Yates, and many others. We can recommend the system that will meet your needs, with additional support to clients through seminars, demonstrations, and training. Our recommendations are based on the best solution and not in support of any specific brand.

Equipment Offerings

    • Ropes, Harnesses, Anchors, Slings
    • Specialized Gloves & Clothing
    • Hardware for Rope Rescue/Access
    • Headlamps and Flashlights
    • Fire Rescue & Personal Escape Devices
    • Wilderness Survival Gear
    • Confined Space Access/Rescue Equipment
    • Knives & Multi-Tools
    • Personal Escape Systems
    • SAR Equipment Packs
    • Litters and Patient Packaging
    • Customized Rescue Kits
    • High Angle & Confined Space Tripods

Equipment Installation Services

    • Fall Protection Systems Design, Installation & Inspection
    • Fall Protection Anchor Installations & Testing
    • Temporary & Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Installations
    • Ladder Safety System Installation & Inspection


Check out our recommended packages of gear we have developedtried, and tested, in the field. These are the equipment packages that our own TRR rescue technicians use.

The packages in our catalogue offer:

    • Flexibility & Adaptability
    • Ease of use when time is of the essence
    • Compactness for transport to and on site
    • Durability in the industrial environment
    • Conformity to the most common industry standards & regulations

The packages and equipment in our Equipment Catalogue are just a small sampling of what we have available through our relationships with some of the leading manufacturers of rescue, access, and fall protection equipment.

Get in touch with us for your specific questions or needs.


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