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Technical Rescue

Provide employees with a feeling of confidence knowing that trained and competent rescue personnel are on-site and ready to respond quickly to urgent events where workers require immediate care.

This service is suited to any industry that performs maintenance or construction involving employees who must access hazardous, non-routine & hard to reach locations to do work. In many of these instances an immediately available rescue capability is a regulated requirement.

It is often more cost effective for clients to use our service rather than train and equip their own employees.

When in-house personnel are used for rescue, competency must be maintained through regular practice and refresher training to ensure an effective response. This is time consuming, and still incurs cost. Many workers have enough job-related responsibilities to execute without having rescue as a secondary duty.  It may add more value to your project to allow your workers focus on their jobs while we focus on the emergency response efforts.

Company leaders may already find it challenging to provide fundamental safety & work training to employees. When mobilizing an in-house rescue team, the additional process of identifying suitable personnel, training costs, equipment purchases, inspections, maintenance, traceability, retraining, employee turnover, and scheduling personnel can prove very difficult and from our experience has not shown favourable results. During the pre-job assessment, TRR is able to determine the necessary combination of people and equipment to assist in successfully achieving project related goals on time.

Many of TRR’s Safety & Emergency Response Technicians are also certified instructors. Select training is available and can be conducted on-site as part of our Emergency Response Contract with our clients.

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TRR Advantage

During our pre-job assessment we are able to determine the necessary combination of people and equipment to assist in successfully achieving project related goals on time.

Our NFPA Certified Industrial Rescue Teams actively support the project and are available to respond in case of a crisis. They are proactive in creating a safe work environment and often called upon to support the project safety team with value added services while on duty such as many of the offerings listed herein. Job duties, scope, and priorities will be discussed and agreed upon together prior to project execution.

We do not sit idle and wait for an accident to happen.

Benefits of Industrial Rescue Services

  • Shorter job turnaround times
  • Reduction in employee rescue training & management costs
  • Elimination of specialized rescue equipment purchases
  • Third party liability insurance specifically for provision of rescue
  • Demonstrated due diligence
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Minimal notification time required
  • All-inclusive service

TRR provides all necessary rescue equipment or can use the client’s, provided it meets applicable standards and is approved by the TRR Rescue Supervisor. Our customized vehicles and trailers are outfitted with a wide range of specialized high angle and confined space rescue equipment as well as an AED, Oxygen system and advanced medical equipment. Equipment used during training will be the identified in advance and provided by the client or TRR as agreed.

A range of services and skill sets are available and will be confirmed between the client and TRR based on a needs assessment and prior to commencing work.

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If you’d like to learn more about how TRR’s safety training, rescue, and well being services can help you achieve your safety and emergency response goals, send us a message and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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