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Confined Space

TRR has the extensive practical knowledge to draw on to help manage confined spaces in all their forms.

We have the ability to put our experience (to work) in the field, whether in the form of consultation with your safety/field personnel or through direct intervention as contract rescue and/or provision of actual entrants to complete work or make inspections within the confined space.

Confined Space Access Solutions

  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Hazard Assessments
  • Confined Space Program Management & Development
  • Pre-Entry Confined Space Entry Job Planning
  • Confined Space Rescue Risk Assessments & Planning
  • Equipment Installations
  • Equipment Preparation & Inspections
  • Hazardous Materials Decontamination
  • Provision of Attendants, Supervisors, or Fire Watch
  • Provision of Field Level Support
  • Rescue Planning
  • Provision of Confined Space Rescue Team
  • Training for Users, Supervisors, Management & Instructors

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