Selecting the right equipment in advance prevents costly budget overruns, down time and keeps your crew safe and efficient.  We can help you determine your requirements and provide the proper equipment for your hazardous materials handling needs. With our detailed third party inspections, damaged, unsafe equipment is identified and removed from service before it can have a chance to create a problem. Our scope is not limited to any single manufacturer.

TRR’s inspection, management and sales programs help workers be more accountable for their safety and prolong the service life of your equipment the safe way. 

TRR Emergency Response UnitResponse Vehicles and Trailers

TRR has the experience of having developed the first and only private dedicated response network in the Province. We have the ability to provide customized vehicles and trailers capable of responding to any hazardous materials emergency. Allow us to assist at times when it is not cost effective to purchase and maintain your own equipment.

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