Equipment Installation

Provided contract rescue & fall protection supervisory/field support during a roof-top repair project for an Industrial Contractor/Oil & Gas Fabrication Facility

TRR provided a multi person onsite team for equipment installation, to assist with the set-up, inspection and supervision/support of workers utilizing fall protection systems. (Fall Protection Competent Person Services). The team also provided contract fall arrest rescue and fall protection/rescue planning as required by our client.  Specifically the onsite TRR team was responsible for the fall protection systems in cooperation with project personnel, including preparing safety equipment for use.

Project scope included:

  1. Fall Protection & Rescue Planning.
  2. Selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of suitable fall protection equipment.
  3. Temporary roof anchor installation.
  4. Attendance at site safety meetings with all project stakeholders.
  5. Fall protection supervision and safety watch services.
  6. Stand-by high angle rescue.

‘The presence of and support by the Technical Rope & Rescue team allowed (client) personnel to work safely and efficiently at height…Technical Rope & Rescue personnel were able to readily demonstrate to inspectors their expertise and competence. This ability prevented costly down-time if regulators had required modification to safety plans and practices.’ Client – Site Superintendent